Open letter for the EU parliament about Copyright Directive

As you may have heard: at the end of March, the EU parliament will have to vote on the Copyright Directive. Two articles in this directive – Articles 11 and 13 – may seriously jeopardize the success of all open source businesses and companies in Europe.

We believe that it is essential for businesses (rather than just individuals) to be heard in this debate. For this reason, many different European companies from the open source world, including Collabora, have signed an open letter to the European Parliament trying to urge politicians to vote against Articles 11 and 13 of the proposed Copyright Directive.

This open letter has been sent today (March 19th, 2019) to the members of the European Parliament. Please, find below a link where you can download and read this open letter. And, do not hesitate to share it with your contacts.

Open Letter Copyright Directive

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Join us at the Nextcloud Enterprise Day in Stuttgart!

On March 12th from 8am to 5pm, Nextcloud hold their annual Enterprise Day in the Congress Centrum Liederhalle in the center of Stuttgart, Germany. Participants will enjoy a day of strategic sessions, presentations, learning from different enterprise case studies and best practices on the Nextcloud platform.

During the Nextcloud Enterprise Day, Collabora Productivity’s General Manager Michael Meeks will give a talk about how Collabora Online integrates into Nextcloud.

Collabora Online is an on-premise open source software component based on LibreOffice, that can be easily integrated into any web application, and which enables viewing and collaborative editing of Office documents in dozens of file formats. This provides an easy-to-deploy office suite that runs directly in any modern browser, on any device.

Try Collabora Online in Nextcloud


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