Upgrade to Collabora Online 21.11

Here are the steps to take when you upgrade to Collabora Online 21.11 from a previous version, e.g. 6.4.

If you use reverse proxy…

Collabora Online 21.11 has different endpoints, therefore you have to change your existing reverse proxy configuration. For more information please refer to updated documentation of proxy settings.

If you use Docker…

If you are running Collabora Online in a container, the steps to build a Docker image of version 21.11 is in docker folder of the release branch. For our partners and customers, access to Collabora’s private docker hub is available upon request (write to support@collaboraoffice.com).

If you use Linux packages (deb or rpm)…

  1. Update the repository URL by changing the “6.4” part to “21.11”.
  2. The package name for Collabora Online is now “coolwsd”. If the distro package manager does not offer an upgrade, install the coolwsd package directly.
  3. During upgrade, a one-time automatic migration of the configuration file in /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml to /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml will be performed.
Note 1: If you have a previous Collabora Online 21.11 RC version or CODE 21.11 version configured, make sure that /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml is not present, otherwise your current setting may be overwritten.
Note 2: The 21.11 version is running under user name “cool”. If you have file paths referenced from migrated configuration, please double check that these paths are accessible by the “cool” user. For example: ssl.cert_file_path, ssl.key_file_path, ssl.ca_file_path and logging.file.property[@name='path'].