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File Sharing

File Sync and Sharing with Collabora Online

Cloud-based file syncing and sharing services implement automated file transfers, providing universal access to your files via the web, computer or mobile devices. Collabora Online extends the functionality of these services, integrating the ability to view or edit synced office suite documents and create new documents directly in your browser - wherever you are.


Nextcloud offers self-hosted file sync and share combining the convenience and ease of use of public clouds with the security, privacy and control business needs. It can be extended and deeply integrated in enterprise infrastructure with over 100 internal and third party addon apps.
Country: Germany



ownCloud is the largest open-source file sync- and share solution, enabling teams all over the world to securely collaborate on documents and other files - from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Country: Germany



Seafile is a lightweight, fast entreprise sync & share solution for your own server. Developed by Seafile Ltd. in China, Seafile comes in two editions. Seafile Community is open-source, Seafile Professional meets highest demands for integration and scalability. Country: China



EGroupware is an Open Source groupware server, that enables users to manage email, files, contacts, appointments and more. It comes with a native web-interface which allows to access data from any device, on any location. Country: Germany


FileCloud, developed by CodeLathe, is a enterprise file share, sync and mobile access solution. FileCloud can either be self-hosted or subscribed as a SaaS service, giving customers the flexibility to pick a cloud deployment model that is right for them. Country: United States



FileAgo is a enterprise file management, file sharing and collaboration software with strong focus on data security, and incorporates a unique granular permission model which allows users to precisely control access on their data. Country: Sweden, India



SecuredStore provides services for key industries meeting individual discipline requirements. Country: United States



Aukfood is a French company that believes in the software it deploys. Their team is composed of experts in the fields of free infrastructure such as Linux. That is why they integrate and manage only free and open source software. Through this, they help companies, associations and administration to master the sovereignty of their IT..
Country: France



algoo specializes in the development of ergonomic, customized and high-performance web applications. The company develops Tracim, a collaboration platform including Collabora Online allowing you to organize the work of your teams and ensuring efficient communication.
Country: France

ETES logo


ETES GmbH, based in Stuttgart, Germany, specializes in Linux and Open Source and provides a full range of IT services such as consulting, implementation, maintenance and support. Over the last 25 years, ETES has become an expert in delivering cloud services including their secure data exchange platform, Fileshare. Providing real-time collaboration and a fully managed service – from operation, to updates and backups - ETES Fileshare enables you to exchange files across company boundaries, whilst ensuring encryption during data transmission and keeping your data secure whilst adhering to GDPR and ISO 27001 certification.
Country: Germany

File Sharing

Groupware and Productivity tools with Collabora Online

Groupware and productivity tools help people to work together and achieve their goals. This includes common tasks as email, calendaring, shared contacts, tasks,... and now, thanks to Collabora Online, the following integrators offers an office stack with full, user-friendly and comprehensive collaborative features.
21unity logo

21unity GmbH

21unity GmbH offers customized IT solutions ranging from infrastructure and hardware to cloud services and platforms. 21unity Cloud is a productivity platform, that offers all functionality for mobile and remote working, including Collabora Online as office suite. With 21unity Cloud you get a digital office - browser based, easy to use and stress free.
Country : Germany

Alinto logo


Software Mail Server Editor. Countries: France, Germany, Spain, Belgium

CONTENTShare logo


The reliability of the business solution is of central importance. CONTENTShare gives you access to the right documents and information, secures your work results and facilitates your processes. The user-friendly interface supports teamwork and communication and allows efficient task management and document management. Digitization is an important advancement that brings you a big step closer to success. Our focus is on personal consulting when implementing your strategy.
Country : Austria



EGroupware is an Open Source groupware server, that enables users to manage email, files, contacts, appointments and more. It comes with a native web-interface which allows to access data from any device, on any location.
Country: Germany

ExzaConcert logo


Exzatech built Ndryve. Ndryve is an enterprise-ready, remote-friendly, “Content Collaboration Workspace” with a focus on data protection and security. Think of it as an advanced security mode rather than a set of features.
Country: India



Kolab Enterprise is a comprehensive collaboration and communication suite, built from the ground up to highest security requirements.
Country: Switzerland

Nature Easy Soft

Nature Easy Soft

Qingdao Nature Easy Soft Network Technology Co., LTD, provide professional management software to users all around the world. They embrace Open Source and have developed several management software, including ZenTao, a project management software, Zsite, and Zdoo, which have helped over ten thousands of companies improve their management and operations.
Country: China

VNC logo

VNC Lagoon

VNClagoon is the name for our 4-layer stack comprising infrastructure, middleware, business software products and VNC's front-end webserver. Customers can buy their individually tailored stack, including Collabora Online, from VNC as a single vendor.
Countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria

WeThink-Solutions logo

WeThink Solutions

WeThink Solutions is a company concerned with thinking and finding the best solutions to the biggest technological problems of companies. Our mission is to find innovative technological solutions, products and services that bring improvement and more profits to companies, thus contributing to social prosperity and shaping a new future in corporate environments.
Countries: Brazil

File Sharing

Server and Identity Management with Collabora Online

Identity management describes the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorization and privileges within or across system and enterprise boundaries. The following list of companies can help you with integrating Collabora Online in an environment where Server and Identity management is key.

DAASI International GmbH

DAASI International GmbH is a leading provider of open source solutions in the field of identity management, single sign-on and federations.
Country: Germany



Univention GmbH is a leading European manufacturer of open source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructure, headquartered in Bremen. Univention Corporate Server (UCS) can be used as a classic server solution in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios. UCS is an economical alternative to Microsoft server solutions and includes comprehensive Active Directory capabilities and an App Center that integrates and operates more than 90 enterprise solutions into existing IT environments.
Country: Germany, United States

File Sharing

Hosting Providers with Collabora Online

A hosting provider can offer shared hosting or dedicated hosting of a service or services to customers. The following hosting providers offer Collabora Online as a service, allowing clients to have a complete Office Suite working right out of the browser!


Wölkli is Switzerland's first cloud storage provider, based on Nextcloud, offering a secure, reliable and real alternative to the other big cloud and on-line collaboration providers. exists since 2014 and is operated by, a Swiss IT services company specialised in security and managed solutions for open-source software. and therefore wölkli are ISO 27001 certified. Additionally, all data are exclusively stored in Switzerland, in the company's own data centre.
Country: Switzerland



CiviHosting is an established, top-tier hosting firm based in the USA with a strong focus on security. With shared, VPS and dedicated server solutions in both Europe and the US, CiviHosting provides services to a wide range of clients from small businesses to large Universities. Their hosting includes daily backups and a 24/7 Support Team.
Country: USA



Friprogramvarusyndikatet is a free software (FLOSS) hosting and IT services provider located in Sweden. Providing services primarily to SMBs and organisations in the Nordic/Scandinavian region. Software-wise specialising in Language technology as well as XML technologies. In hosting they provide everything from managed/unmanaged VPSs, shared hosting to co-location.
Country: Sweden



SwissVON has been one of the first companies in Switzerland to provide Asterisk Open Source based VoiP Solutions, offering it since 2005. With the evolution of Unified Communications going towards a more integrated Collaborative environment, they gradually moved over the years to Virtualized, Cloud-aware and Unified Collaboration services, with high quality, custom on premise or hosted solutions, in one of the most secure data centers in Switzerland.
Country: Switzerland



EGroupware is an Open Source groupware server, that enables users to manage email, files, contacts, appointments and more. It comes with a native web-interface which allows to access data from any device, on any location.
Country: Germany

unaone logo


unaone is a hosting provider based in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, in the north of Germany. The focus is on offers for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as private customers and clubs / associations. Special emphasis is placed on personal support with individually suitable solutions, preferably on an open source basis.
Country: Germany


united hoster

A German hoster that offers cloud services from their own high-availability data center, which is located in Frankfurt am Main, just a few hundred meters away from the world’s largest Internet hub (DE-CIX)
Country: Germany

logo is a hosting and IT service provider that provides open-source solutions to SMBs on their own infrastructure (located in Germany and Slovenia) or on the client’s own infrastructure located on their premises.
Country: Slovenia



Informology is an IT solution provider, offering consultation, training, software/application development, IT hardware, data center, recovery center solutions and services, with 20 years experience of consulting and implementing ICT projects in Government/Public Sector plus Private Sector.
Country: Malaysia



STRATO is a reliable web host for everyone who wants to be successful online. STRATO makes web hosting fair and simple - at the best price and without unnecessary bells and whistles. The product range extends from domain, mail, website and server to online marketing tools and Germany's largest cloud storage HiDrive. The complete packages include flexible contract terms, a 30-day money-back guarantee and six-time award-winning customer service. Collabora Online is part of their HiDrive cloud storage.
Country: Germany



Linuxfabrik help organizations with all aspects of Linux and open source software, from consulting to secure operations and maintenance, including Collabora Online. As part of our service and support models, we can help you with almost any Linux and open source need. Our hosting and cloud services are maintained by Linux specialists in data centers and virtual machines – anywhere in the world. This includes all aspects of managed hosting, from installation and operation to monitoring and backup with state-of-the-art security standards such as CIS or HIPAA. At Linuxfabrik, we work daily with Open Source technologies that we use for ourselves and our customers and pass on this knowledge in practical courses and workshops.
Country: DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Quality Location GmbH

Quality Location GmbH

We at Quality Location attach great importance to high performance quality, customer friendliness and personal support. Would you like to modernize your IT infrastructure? As an official partner of Dell, VMware, Sophos, Acronis, Microsoft, 3CX, Yealink and access to the wide range of products from our distributors, we combine extensive competencies for your individual all-round carefree package.
Country: Germany



Sive.Host is a web hosting and cloud computing company founded in South Africa. They help web professionals get recurring commission year after year on all web hosting plans they bring clients for. They are “the right partner in hosting”.
Country: South Africa

The Good Cloud

The Good Cloud

The Good Cloud is a privacy-centered hosting provider based in the Netherlands. Their mission is to safeguard everyone’s data and privacy when files are uploaded to the cloud. Most importantly, they believe that privacy is a fundamental human right for all.
Country: Netherlands

Path Connect


PathConnect wants to make open source software easily accessible to everyone. We take care of installation, hosting, maintenance and security. If you have any problems, questions or requests, we are always there for you. We are committed to protecting your privacy and, as a German company, we strictly comply with the GDPR.
Country: Germany

Marsh Web Solutions

Marsh Web Solutions

Marsh Web Solutions, based in New Zealand, offers privacy-centric web and email hosting, SSL certificates, and domain registrations. Renowned for secure, personalized solutions that ensure client autonomy with self-hosted setups, the company ensures businesses thrive securely and affordably.
Country: New Zealand

File Sharing

Document & Records Management with Collabora Online

Managing your documents and records provides your company with a single corporate memory, leading to a paperless working environment, while complying to regulations. And now, with Collabora Online integrated, this easier then ever!

Jeci is Jec

i's online document management service based on Alfresco Community and Collabora Online. Jeci is a French information technology services company that specializes in Free and Open-Source technologies (FOSS), providing professional services on Alfresco Community and Collabora Online software. Jeci is offering expertise on deployment automation and application cloudification.


AG-I Solutions

Enterprise management of electronic documents, records and business processes.
Countries: United Kingdom, Malaysia, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

Learning Platforms

Learning Platforms with Collabora Online

Learning platforms with Collabora Online integrated allow you to view and collaboratively edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, enriching the learning experience.

CQ Net

Evidence based & agile e-learning in teams in the area of Organizational Behavior
Countries: Austria

IT services

IT services providers with Collabora Online

IT services providers offer a range of IT services to fulfill all IT needs of their customers. With Collabora Online added to their product portfolio, they offer on premise or cloud based enterprise-ready online solution.
Adfinis logo


Adfinis is a service provider supporting customers from the private and public sectors in planning, implementing and operating of custom infrastructure and software projects. The core competences of Adfinis are Open Source engineering, 24/7 managed services and software development.
Countries: Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Australia

Arawa logo


Arawa is a French IT company specialized in Open Source office and collaborative software and organizations to implement document collaboration solutions that allows them to access information, while keeping in control of their data.
Country: France

Artistanbul logo


Artistanbul is specialized on three main areas: enterprise software solutions, community management and building educational technologies. Artistanbul provides consultation and builds high value-added projects across various industries.
Country: Turkey


Easya Solutions

Easya Solutions is a French company which supports organizations and companies with their computing projects. Our specialty is the implementation of open source cloud computing solutions and outsourcing. Our solutions are based on three main building blocks: Nextcloud & Collabora Online, ERP & CRM Dolibarr and WooCommerce.
Country: France



PC HELP operates on the information technologies market since 1990. Its main activities are focused on the development and implementation of software solutions for enterprises and government.
Country: Czech Republic

Retention Range

Retention Range

Retention Range offerings include identification of suitable solutions for Governments, Parastatals and the Private Sector; deployment of such solutions, migration from legacy platforms, modifications to improve efficiency of the customer’s businesses, integration with the existing solutions and provide support. Among others they offer Desktop Solutions, Web Development Services and Enterprise Solutions.
Country: Botswana

Rono IT logo

Rono IT

Rono-IT is a Dutch service provider, providing small business’ smart value added common online cloud solutions. We also install on premise solutions and plenty of internet connectivity like dsl, fiber, wireless. As a full service provider we can’t miss voip, and now with the solutions of Collabora we can provide customers with an affordable office solution.
Country: Netherlands



EGroupware is an Open Source groupware server, that enables users to manage email, files, contacts, appointments and more. It comes with a native web-interface which allows to access data from any device, on any location.
Country: Germany

Studio Storti logo

Studio Storti

Studio Storti, the most referenced provider of Open Source solutions for the Government and Public Administration sector, is the main Zimbra and Zextras Suite integrator in Italy. The sole Italian company within The Document Foundation’s Advisory Board and active member of the LibreOffice community, provides migrations and trainings through a highly skilled staff according to The Document Foundation’s guidelines.
Country: Italy logo is passionate about servicing the IT needs of rural and remote Australians. At we want people living in rural and remote Australia to have the same opportunity to benefit from computer technology as those in major cities.
Country: Australia

Grene IT logo

Grene IT

Grene IT is a sustainable and ethical IT service provider. We offer full range of IT services for most micro and small businesses. As part of our service we offer consultation, development, installation and maintenance. Grene IT endeavours to provide a sustainable approach in developing and implementing IT services and solutions. We do this by using energy efficient systems and services which run on renewable energy.
Country: United Kingdom

Worteks logo


Worteks is a free and Open Source software expertise and publishing company, working with clients to provide expertise in the design and implementation of complex infrastructures for large companies and administrations around the world. Their mission is to propagate the use of Open Source across the globe to give users total transparency in the management of their personal and professional data.
The modular solution W'Sweet is an Open Source application and collaborative portal developed by Worteks, is based on the BlueMind messaging solution as well as the LemonLDAP::NG Single Sign On and Access Management free software. W’Sweet also integrates a full office suite integration with Nextcloud and Collabora Online, instant messaging with or Matrix and video-conferencing with Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton.
Country: France logo is a provider of complete solutions for IT systems, data centres and DevOps environments and has been operating since 2009. They sell individual products as well as complete solutions. Most often they work in cooperation with the local IT department.
Country: Poland

Redpill Linpro logo

Redpill Linpro

Redpill Linpro helps customers to build the IT foundation for their digital transformation in the areas API & Integration, DevOps, and Cloud. As leading Open Source service provider in the Nordics, Redpill Linpro always has a focus on openness.
Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Factor group logo

Factor group

Factor group is the company, that offers consulting services, pre-design and design works, pre-sale advice, equipment installation and commissioning support, employee training, as well as after-sales service, product versions updates, equipment repair and replacement. Our services are also available on the outsourcing basis. Factor group executives have expertise in networking and information technologies market in Russia and the CIS countries since 1991, they proved to deliver innovations with non-standard approach and have perspective into the future.
Country: Russia

WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB logo

WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB

WebbPlatsen is a Swedish company that has been supplying SaaS, hosting, and web solutions since 1998. We help companies stay on the right side of GDPR. WebbPlatsen can help your organization with Nextcloud, Collabora Online, and many other GDPR-safe solutions. Hosted within the EU. Always..
Country: Sweden

Collabora Product Partners

Interested in our other products and services, like the enterprise-ready Collabora Office and Collabora Online? Check out our partners who add considerable expertise and value to the selection, training, and deployment of our products.
NOU&OFF Email: Country: Netherlands Nou&Off is Netherlands based, and a long time experienced partner for migration and effective use of open source office software. Working with the right focus and knowledge from the first step towards LibreOffice, through automation of processes, rock-stable documents and training of end users and your admins or Help-desk.
Açıkkaynak Yazılım Email: Country: Turkey We provide Open Source software solutions, and migration, consultancy, development, support and training services for Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). We aim to contribute to the integration of the national and local software ecosystem with the international open source software ecosystem. We also try to contribute to reducing the local businesses' dependence to proprietary and imported software solutions, by adapting the existing open source software and developing new projects, and we try to produce some added value in the process while providing these open source and libre solutions to the enterprises and the public institutions.
EDX Email: Country: Brazil EDX is a service company focused in LibreOffice technology. EDX can conduct migration projects by suporting deployments, training, consulting and ad-hoc developments. EDX has conducted LibreOffice migrations projects in more than 10 companies and organizations, in either public or private sector.
EMERGYA Email: Country: Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Chile Emergya is a leading IT consultancy specialising in the migration from proprietary to free/open source software (FOSS). We use a unique project methodology that allows us to plan and achieve our customers’ migration goals. Emergya have enjoyed a great deal of success and have been commissioned to complete work across Spain and South America (mainly Chile and Venezuela). Emergya has grown since 2004 and can now resource over 130 individuals who all share a passion for new technology and software systems. We work with our clients to design practical, easy to use, effective software solutions that satisfy their particular needs. While we look to the future for innovation, we have underpinned our business practices by attaining quality and service certifications.
EXCELLENCE DELIVERED PVT LTD. Email: Country: Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, USA Synonymous to its name, ExD provides the best solutions for customers striving for operational excellence. We believe that through technology outsourcing and optimization of business processes, our clients can achieve standards that are sure to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. Our Technology Services include Implementation Services of leading ERP and CRM (Oracle, Sentez, SAP, and xTuple), Data warehouse, Data Center, Data Security and Software Development. Our Business Process Our Outsourcing line of business helps customers decrease the total cost of ownership of their non-core business functions. At the heart of our BPO business is our state of the art Shared Services Center that is manned by technical and functional consultants.
icraft_logotype iCRAFT Corp. Email: Country: Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia iCRAFT provides IT infrastructure services, constructing PCs, servers, networks, maintaining them with service desks and on-site services. One of our products is "LibrePC", which is composed by open-source-software e.g. Ubuntu, LibreOffice... Our Level 1 and Level 2 support is called "iSTAFF", which is provided in Kansai (Osaka, Kobe), Tokyo, Kyushu, Ho Chi Minh City, Yangon and Ulaanbaatar. We are the first in Japan to offer "Level 3 support" and "3 years long term support" as a sales partner of Collabora Productivity Ltd.
INTEPRO Email: Country: BulgariaIntepro Solutions Ltd. is a system integration and training center, specialized in information security technologies. We design, build and support enterprise-class IT solutions for Identity and Access Management, Security Incidents and Events Management, Strong Authentication and SSO, Backup and Recovery, Document management, Collaboration, Endpoint Management and Security, and Virtualization. The company has established long-term partnerships with industry leading software companies, among which Novell, NetIQ, SUSE, Fabasoft, Catalogic Software, VASCO, GWAVA, Collabora, TDP. We are also the only Novell Certified Training Center for Bulgaria, and provide the whole range of Novell Training courses for Novell, SUSE and NetIQ product lines.
Hytos Email: Country: Uruguay Hytos is an Uruguayan company which aims to support companies in adopting information and communication technology, helping them to adquire a complete view of their reality and be more competitive. Our team has lot of experience providing communication and information technology to a very vast of companies (of sizes and different economic sectors). This accumulated experience has helped us to develop a business plan that provides advanced technology services, oriented to small, medium enterprises needs. We participate in development projects, and we are continuously search for the best OpenSource technology to bring the best solution to our clients based on the precept that the Communication and Information Technology (ICT) are needed to increase the competitiveness of companies but they must be affordable.
OPEN CANARIAS Email: Country: Spain Open Canarias is a Canarian company founded in November 1996. Currently, we are a national company specializing in product implementation, IT services and technology projects destinated to private and public sectors. Experience is the core value that drives us to provide the knowledge necessary to meet any challenge, and provide the best customer service through support and professional advice.
ÖZGÜR YAZILIM Email: Country: Turkey Ozgur Yazilim AS provides support, consultancy, implementation, and training for free/open-source software (FOSS) and projects that make use of FOSS. From software development to server administration and desktop migration, including LibreOffice-from-Collabora, Ozgur Yazilim AS has the capability to provide a broad range of services for its customers.
POWERCOMP Email: Country: Russia and CIS POWERCOMP, LLC is the IT distributor and innovative solutions provider, located in Russia. Our main goals is to provide innovative software solutions and services to wide range of customers directly and through our local partners. Our portfolio contains not only proprietary software, but a set of free opensource solutions, and commercial subscriptions for them. We have expertise in handling opensource/heterogeneous infrastructures and migrating to opensource based infrastructures. Our resources and partners, making us able to run complex opensource-based projects.
SERAVO OY Email: Country: Finland Seravo Oy is the most prominent professional open source support provider in Finland. We develop and administer a variety of Linux based systems that our customers’ businesses depends on. We also provide consulting and support for some open source software used on Mac and Windows, most prominently LibreOffice. Seravo recommends LibreOffice as the primary office suite, and Seravo has contributed to the Finnish translation and spell checking (Voikko) to make sure LibreOffice works perfectly also for Finnish users.
STUDIO STORTI Email: Country: Italy Studio Storti, the most referenced provider of Open Source solutions for the Government and Public Administration sector, is the main Zimbra Open Source Edition and ZeXtras Suite integrator in Italy. The sole Italian company within The Document Foundation’s Advisory Board and active member of the LibreOffice community, provides migrations and trainings through a highly skilled staff according to The Document Foundation’s guidelines.
VNS Email: Country: Italy We offer complete and modular support for organisations moving to adopt ODF. The people at VNS have been carrying out migrations in Italy since 2004. Our migration protocol is robust and has been tested for over 10 years with thousands of users. We provide all the considerations for making a migration decision, and supply guidance, support and training throughout the transition process, including the tools required to integrate with local environments.
TECHNOPOLIS Email: Country: Greece, the Balkans, Turkey and Cyprus With extensive experience in undertaking Enterprise Integration and Web projects, Technopolis S.A. has solidly invested in building expertise in Open Source platforms and solutions over the last 14 years, not only in adopting the underlying enabling technologies, but in acquiring the necessary business know-how as well. Technopolis S.A. has been developing, delivering and supporting successful, high-ROI, low-TCO, business software implementations of significant complexity on time, on scope, on quality and within budget since 2000, backed up by professional services mostly in large private firms in Greece and neighbor countries.
VNC Email: Country: Switzerland, Germany, India VNC develops powerful Commercial Open Source solutions which enable businesses and organizations to fully leverage their technological potential. That way you can increase your business performance while reducing your operational cost at the same time (compared to traditional proprietary applications). Our solutions are cloud-ready and secure, covering everything from Communication, Customer Relationship Management and Collaboration to Marketing, Production, ERP and Project Management. All our applications are web-based, requiring no additional software. They can be used on any device you like, no matter where in the world you are.
Basconero logo BASCONERO Email: Country: Brazil Basconero is a company specialized in modernization of enterprise systems, migration of legacy software, creation of cross-platform applications and in consultancy services like digital certificate adoption and enterprise architecture improvement. We have proven expertise in integrating enterprise systems with LibreOffice for more than 10,000 users.
Yacme Email: Country: Italy Yacme has more than 15 years experience in Open Source, with more than 30,000 migrated users, more than 1000 days of training provided and more than 100 different clients. For over a decade Yacme has been managing the switch for those moving to Open Source office automation suites with a complete migration protocol aimed at reducing the impact to a minimum, even with a very high number of users with deep seated habits. Yacme is able to provide support for every part of the process: analysis, planning the transition, user support, classroom and on line training, documentation, and integration. Our competency and experience in the world of Open Source also includes other technological sectors: Systems and Networking, Collaboration (Zimbra), Asset Management (CMDBuild), Enterprise Content Management (Alfresco), and Business Intelligence (Pentaho).