Collabora Productivity Shortlisted for Datacloud Awards – Cloud Technical Breakthrough

Datacloud_Awards_mediumCambridge – 29 March 2016

Collabora Productivity has been shortlisted for the Datacloud Awards 2016 – Cloud Technical Breakthrough Award for bringing LibreOffice to the Cloud with Collabora CloudSuite.

Collabora CloudSuite

cloudsuite-largeCollabora CloudSuite is a powerful LibreOffice-based office suite that works across platforms and devices. It enables you to access documents from any location, author new content, and share your work.

Create, view, and edit over one hundred document formats in the browser or on your mobile and use the desktop editor for full-featured offline editing. You are in control of your documents, everywhere and any time.

The project is 100% open source. Everybody can access the code and download the latest development edition called CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition), check out the source code and contribute.

Datacloud Awards


Collabora Productivity is the only Open Source company nominated for the Cloud Technical Breakthrough Award.

The global data center and cloud industry have truly come of age,” commented Gerd Simon, chairman of the Judges Panel, “and the Datacloud Awards, as the premier pan-European and MEAI event, uniquely reflects its importance and the ambition to achieve excellence in technologies and services. The Judges were delighted by the quality and breadth of this year’s nominations.

The results will be announced at the dinner and ceremony at the Datacloud Europe congress in Monaco on the evening of June 7th.

CODE updates

code-logoWe have updated the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) and some major improvements have been made. We have created an Admin Control panel, improved the UI and implemented mayor improvements under the hood.

Admin control

Now you can control your running CODE through the Admin Control panel. You will see an overview of the opened documents with the number of connections to each document and a counter that shows how long the document has been opened. You are able to close opened documents (right click on a row and select “kill”), which will result in the immediate closure of the document, This is especially handy when people forget to close a document and they have it opened for a very long time. You can try this out yourself and see the message shown to the user that had the document opened.
Apart from this we also show the memory usage. The first opened document takes up the biggest part of the memory, but newly opened docs take up less. Check out the memory graph, which updates automatically! You can configure the interval of which the graph updates.
Check out the Admin Panel in your CODE VM using the following route and login:
username / password: admin / admin

spreadsheet_column_selectedUI improvements

When opening a file you will see a nicer loader, the footer has been updates (you can see if you are editing or in viewing mode) and Spreadsheets got improved. At the last update it was made possible to edit and add sheets and select multiple cells – now you can select rows and columns.

Other improvements

The biggest improvements of this update are under the hood. Apart from bug fixes we implemented the WOPI protocol for unified authentication and file-access. OAuth2 implementation work with our partner DAASI continues.

How to update

 Your VM updates automatically. Didn’t download CODE yet? Head out to the CODE page [] and get your own VM today!

LibreOffice Vanilla 5.1 available directly from the Mac App Store



LibreOffice Vanilla is the most recent release of the LibreOffice productivity suite on OS X and is almost identical to the latest copy of LibreOffice Fresh by Document Foundation contributors. The suite has improved significantly as explained in the Release Notes page on

One of the new features that stands out is the Remote file open/save dialogue. You can now easily open and save remote files from resources as Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Alfresco and others. In the Start screen and “File” menu you can find the “Open remote files” option, and to save to a remote resource, just select “Save to remote server”.

Writer – new features

Calc – new features

Collabora Office for the Mac, the enterprise-ready version of LibreOffice Vanilla

While LibreOffice Vanilla is recommended for early adopters who wish to experience new features, Collabora Productivity also released Collabora Office for the Mac. Collabora Office is the enterprise-ready version LibreOffice Vanilla, for users seeking professional stability and support options and combines Collabora’s latest compatibility and document integrity features with a host of improvements from the LibreOffice community. Redesigned toolbars, menus, rulers, and dialogues make these powerful additions more attractive and efficient to use.

Changes from 4.4 to 5.0

A lot of changes have been made. Many of the improvements are under the hood, but the Mac version of Collabora Office 5.0 also significantly improved the User Interface. Now there are style previews in the sidebar and there is image cropping, table management, conditional formatting (in Calc) and more. Additionally, the Remote file open/save dialogue from LibreOffice Vanilla 5.1 has been backported, so that this useful functionality is also included.


LibreOffice Vanilla 5.1 and Collabora Office 5.0 are now available directly from Apple’s Mac App Store.



LibreOffice Vanilla 5.1

  • Community edition
  • Maintained for 6 months
  • For early adopters

Get if for free at the Mac App store
or download for free from



Collabora Office 5.0

  • Enterprise-ready LibreOffice
  • Maintained for 3 years
  • For users seeking professional stability and support options

Get it for 9.99 at the Mac App Store *
* This funds Collabora’s own ongoing improvement of LibreOffice for Mac.