CODE updates

code-logoToday we’ve updated the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE), including a list of nice improvements and many bugfixes. Last month we included shared editing and presentations enhancements, and now spreadsheets and overall usability got a big boost!

Spreadsheet improvements

spreadsheet_selectionYou can now select multiple cells with your mouse and apply your desired action over those selected cells (for example, change the background-color). With a single click anywhere on the spreadsheet again you deselect the cells again.

When you are in one cell, you can use the keyboard arrows to change cell. The improvement here is that when you are navigating to a cell outside of the visible area, the view will follow you.

And now, you can also insert, delete and rename sheets. Just click with the right mouse button on a sheet and a menu showing the possible options pops up.



The toolbar is responsive now. If your have a reduced screen size, the buttons that don’t fit will be under the ˅ button near the end of the toolbar. A simple click on that button reveals them. And, you can also use your scroll button on your mouse to scroll down within the document now.


Other improvements

It’s now possible to open password protected files (if you have the password, of course) and there have been many other bugfixes under the hood.

How to update

Your VM updates automatically. If you don’t see the changes (like the responsive menu), do a hard refresh that reloads the JavaScript files or restart you VM. Didn’t download CODE yet? Head out to the CODE page and get your own VM today!

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FOSDEM 2016 and LibreOffice hackfest


Like last year, Collabora attended FOSDEM and it was unforgettable. FOSDEM is a two-day event to promote the widespread use of free and open source software.

For us (and other LibreOffice people) the event started two days earlier, with the LibreOffice FOSDEM 2016 Hackfest. Together with others we worked two full days on LibreOffice at the beautiful Betacowork Coworking Offices in Brussels. A big thanks to them for making the hackfest possible!

LibreOffice hackfest


After hacking for two days on LibreOffice we had a great dinner, just the evening before the start of FOSDEM. It was with the guys from Kolab, to celebrate the announcement of Collabora and Kolab joining forces! Dinner was amazing, and drinks afterwards were fun!

And then FOSDEM started on a rainy Saturday. Nevertheless, it was packed with around 7000 people! It’s amazing to see how alive the Open Source world is and how much interest the talks generated. Just like last year many Collaborans had a talk at FOSDEM and the rooms were very well attended. We also helped out with promoting LibreOffice at the stand, handing out stickers, selling t-shirts and answering questions from people.


“It was new this year that the LO stand was on the ground floor, not buried far away on the corridor on the first one, that was really nice.

The dev-room was as usual impressive, a steady flow of tech talks from 10:30 till 18:30.

Wrt the hackfest, some entirely new contributors appeared, and we could help them, that’s great — after all a hackfest without new contributors is only a half-hackfest.”
Miklos Vajna

“For me it was the first time I attended FOSDEM and it was amazing. There was a lot of interest in LibreOffice and LibreOffice online and I was able to help people out with questions about CODE.

Next year I hope to be able to check out more talks, but anyway, I’m happy I can catch up on video.

Looking forward to FOSDEM 2017!”
Lenny Horstink

Most of the talks from people from Collabora are still being uploaded (they will appear here), but Michael Meeks keynote is already online. Check out the video on YouTube (thanks to FOSDEM for recording and uploading the video!)

Looking forward to FOSDEM 2017!

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