Collabora Online 6.4 Release Notes

Collabora Online 6.4. Release Notes

Collabora Online 6.4.3

Released on January 8, 2021

New features

      • Pivot Tables in Calc read more
      • AutoFilter functionality in Calc is now smoother
      • Calc online now offers more than a dozen extensive Statistical tools

    • Define and Manage Names in Calc
    • Also defining Print Ranges via the options of Manage Names
    • Insert Bookmark, Reference field, and more available on the tab Insert

    • The active Overwrite mode is now visible in the Status Bar

  • More context-based cursors in Calc (e.g. AutoInput of cells) and Impress
  • More alignment options accessible from the toolbar in Calc

Improvements and fixes

  • Much improved performance on the document security jail processing
  • Notably better performance on some systems for document thumbnailing and load times
  • New close button on Toolbar with better visibility and improved usability on tablets
  • Dropdown and arrow in Zoom on Status Bar now look better
  • Visual improvements on some dialogs, inner frames and input fields
  • Fixed scrollbar bug in Sidebar
  • Selector behaves more consistent
  • Fixed alignments on hover in Vex dialogs
  • Hyperlink pop-ups have better rendering of drop-shadows
  • Context menu’s now have a single style for action entries
  • Context menu’s submenu style & arrow on hover improved
  • Easier to recognize when buttons are disabled.

Collabora Online 6.4.2

Released on December 7, 2020

New feature

  • Sheets in a spreadsheet can be moved and copied – see this blog – from the context menu of the sheet tab.

Performance improvements

  • Not iterating through redlines when they are disabled
  • Not unnecessarily swapping out PDF graphic files to disk
  • Not force-saving unmodified PDF files on exit
  • Canceling preview requests of page thumbnails that are not visible on screen
  • Saving watermark bitmaps per user for re-use

Various fixes

  • Fix lost bitmap fill for OOXML custom shapes in PPT export
  • Added missing package dependencies (rpm: cpio, deb: systemd)
  • Fixed spreadsheet column resizing on touch devices
  • Various smaller UI fixes


Collabora Online 6.4.1

Released on November 24, 2020

New features

  • Added the possibility to edit chart title & subtitle from the sidebar (on tablets and desktops) or from the mobile wizard (on phones)
  • Support line breaks (in the form of ‘\n’) in server-side watermarks
  • Clearer rotated server-side watermarks

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed issues related to PDF annotations
  • Fixed issue that occurred when several users opened a watermarked document at the same time (now all users see the correct watermark)
  • Try harder to clean up ‘child-root’ jails after use in some circumstances
  • Updated translations
  • Cosmetic fixes of user interface


Edit Chart titles & Subtitles from the Sidebar

Collabora Online 6.4.0

Released on October 29, 2020
Please find all details in the original announcement.