Upgrade from Lotus

upgrade-filetypes1Migration made easy from IBM Lotus applications

LibreOffice has the best features of Lotus Symphony combined in a standalone app, plus support for all file formats and world-wide enterprise support. Upgrade to LibreOffice for:

Document migration

Import Import / Export
Lotus SmartSuite Open Document Format
Lotus Symphony Microsoft Office
Lotus 1-2-3 OpenOffice
Lotus Word Pro Google Docs

Support migration

Guaranteed three-year support for each release
New release every 6 months
Security, maintainence, and bug fix updates
MSP files provided for incremental Windows patching
Windows Group Policy Object management support

Enhanced productivity

Enhanced Lotus side-bar widget
Microsoft Visio reader / viewer and import support
Google Docs compatible (import / export, read / write)
Android document viewer and presentation assistant
Unmatched interoperability with support for 100+ formats

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