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Tomorrow – on 19th October 2018, at Welle7 Workspace in Bern, Switzerland, starts DINAcon – the conference on digital sustainability. The conference brings many open source enthusiasts including Katherine Maher, Wikimedia CEO, Simon Phipps, President of the Open Source Initiative, and our General Manager – Michael Meeks. His talk will be in the afternoon (14.30-15:30) and will be about “How best to migrate to LibreOffice”. If you are interested to hear about the best ways to move to a supported Open Source and Open Standards solution – then don’t miss his talk. Also, you will hear how LibreOffice can be used both on the PC and also in combination with other Open Source file-sharing products to provide a browser-based solution on desktop and mobile. Furthermore, you will hear about Collabora’s latest work with our partners, and our new tool to migrate existing legacy Visual Basic line of business apps.

DINAcon Awards

DINAcon Awards honor the courage and innovative strength of companies, authorities, communities, developers and individuals. A jury of experts and entrepreneurs are responsible for the nomination and selection of the winners of the DINAcon Awards 2018 and we are delighted to be one of the nominated projects. The award ceremony will take place on Friday (tomorrow), 19th October 2018 as part of the DINAcon 2018 in Bern, Switzerland.

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Do you have any questions, feedback or you just want to say hi? Let’s meet in Bern – drop us an email at and we would be very happy to meet you there.

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Collabora Office 6.0 – The Migrator’s Choice

Cambridge, June 13, 2018 – Today we release Collabora Office 6.0 with great new features to smooth our customer’s migration to an Open Source office suite with associated cost savings – as well as adding a large set of features and enhancements.

Migration – New Line of Business Interoperability

Tooling Large enterprises are often infested by legacy line of business applications from small – a parking ticket solution, to large – eg. a complex patient record system. This legacy, un-documented often un-supported solutions can tie some groups of users in an enterprise to the deep past. With Collabora Office 6.0 we’ve created a great new interoperability tool: COLEAT that lets Collabora Office 6.0 act as a drop-in replacement via our compatibility APIs. We also implement a tracing tool to allow easy troubleshooting, allowing us to extend those APIs to cover new tools and users. This is critical to unblocking estates of stranded users. This complements our work to extend our VBA macro interoperability making many more macro driven documents work out of the box.

Migration – Manageability and Interoperability

We’ve been listening to our partners and customers, supporting them through their migrations and working hard to improve things for everyone migrating. This release for the first time brings together a large set of functionality. From deeper Sharepoint support with Excel Web-Query (iqy) file import and ADO recordsets, to significantly deepened interoperability with Microsoft file formats, to smooth migration of complex AutoTexts – we have worked hard, with the community to deliver smoother more effective migrations. For admins deploying and managing large estates of Windows computers – in addition to providing easy to deploy MSP patches, we have significantly improved our ADMX lock-down for Group Policy configuration, allowing granular file-filter management, as well as improving our Active Directory integration to easily identify users for hassle-free change tracking.

Migration – Support & Open Source improvement

Collabora is privileged to work with so many great contributors to the LibreOffice project and appreciates all the amazing work done by so many that is also included into Collabora Office 6.0. This, our annual release, contains much work that was contributed to LibreOffice 5.4 and then 6.0. These cover all manner of areas from significantly improved Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF+) rendering, to initial import filters for QuarkXPress, along with a new export filter we created to produce EPUB3 from Writer.

Complete list of updates

Check out the complete list of updates in the 6.0 release page.

Collabora Office 6.0 release notes

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