CODE updates

code-logoJust last month we announced interesting Collabora Online Development Edition updates and now we already have a new set of amazing features ready for you.

This update includes some very useful UI improvements and bugfixes.

UI improvements

  • We’ve improved the shared editing experience. Now you can see who is viewing the document, simply by selecting the user button in the status bar.
  • The user names are added to the comments, showing the correct comment authorship.
  • We’ve added new context menus: Update table of contents and Delete table of
    contents in Writer
  • And you can now easily insert footnotes, endnotes, page breaks and column breaks, using the new option in the Writer menu.


Bug fixes

The main bugfixes in this update are:

  • Handle WOPI urls with spaces
  • AutoSum works in Calc now
  • Handle disk full situations more gracefully

How to update

Simply update with:

docker pull collabora/code


Change in URL scheme

If you use Apache2 reverse proxy, as described on this page, you need use a new rule for main websocket:

# Main websocket
ProxyPassMatch   "/lool/(.*)/ws$"      wss://$1/ws

CODE updates

code-logoDevelopment is going rapidly and we just updated the Collabora Online Development Edition. The most interesting new features are resizeable rows and columns by mouse in Calc and SSL termination support for reverse proxies. Also, we are making great progress on full collaborative editing!

Resizeable rows and columns by mouse in Calc

This animation explains this new feature perfectly:


SSL termination support for reverse proxies

The SSL termination option in the config file enables integration of CODE with SSL termination proxies, which handle incoming SSL connections, decrypt the SSL and pass on the unencrypted request to the server.

Full Collaborative Editing preview

We are making great progress here. During the LibreOffice conference 2016 the first live demo of our current development was shown to the public. This feature has not been published yet in CODE – it is still in beta -, but you can work collaboratively with shared editing.

Check out the video of the preview of shared editing!

CODE updates

code-logoWe launched CODE in December last year, and since then the functionality has improved hugely under the loving attention of lots of Collabora Engineers, with input from Partners and customers.

Docker Image

After discussions with community members, and several partners, today we’re changing the focus of CODE. As of today’s announcement, we have a plurality of partners who have easy to use integrations shipping, with more soon to ship. That means that we are deprecating our bundled Virtual Machine and distributing a smaller Docker image from Docker Hub, focused on home users, that contains just CODE which people can integrate more easily into their existing File Sync and Share setups. We’re eager to encourage people to try this out at home, and capture the advantages of keeping control over your data while having an up-to-date Online Office suite based on LibreOffice.


Of course – we also have a number of recent new developments contained in this image for people to try out and enjoy. Firstly we’ve upgraded to base on Collabora Online 5.1 – which fixes a good number of annoying rendering issues. We’ve added a number of status bar features, including the much requested word-count in writer, and the spreadsheet quick status bar ‘sum’ functionality which you really notice when they are missing:


We’ve also done some work to improve handling of revisions, with better save and auto-save behavior, readonly mode improvements as well as adding easy ‘restore’ functionality to versioning.

Do grab the docker image, give it a try, and get involved with development on CODE.

CODE updates

code-logoToday we’ve updated the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE), including a list of nice improvements and many bugfixes. Like in the update two weeks ago there, there are several ownCloud plugin updates, including a revision history sidebar.

General updates

  • The header menu now includes a “Help” -> “About” window, where you can see version information. The link to the keyboard shortcuts information popup is also in the header menu now (under “Help” -> “Keyboard shortcuts”).
  • Refactoring of loolwsd configuration options (not user visible)
  • Translations have been updated. If you want to help out with translating, head out to the “LibreOffice Online” translation page.


ownCloud plugin updates

  • You can now open the revision history sidebar (“File” – “See revision history”). The sidebar with revisions allows you to view previous saved versions.
  • updated translations
  • Misc bugfixes and code cleanups


How to update

Your VM updates automatically. Didn’t download CODE yet? Head out to the CODE page and get your own VM today!

CODE Updates

code-logoAt the same time of the release of the ownCloud news we’ve updated the development edition. CODE is now compatible with ownCloud 9.0 and several improvements have been made.

Check out the list of changes:

  • Possibility to run loolwsd behind a proxy
  • Better localization of user interface
  • Bugfix: do not jump to top of document, when another editor takes over editing
  • Bugfix: menus disappear after pressing Esc key
  • Bugfix: fixed performance problems with large spreadsheets
  • Changes of ownCloud plugin:
    • Compatible with ownCloud 9.0
    • Support file versioning
    • Documents can be created from Files [+] menu (only in ownCloud 9.0)
    • Return to the Files app, when editing started there

How to update

Your VM updates automatically. Didn’t download CODE yet? Head out to the CODE page and get your own VM today!