Powerful Function Wizard in Collabora Online Spreadsheet

Doing your formulas right

Working with formulas is a great thing, and can even be fun with the proper tools 🙂 So therefore we’re proud to introduce the full Formula Wizard in Calc Online!

Let’s just show it in some pictures from our latest snapshot.

Collabora Online Function Wizard - Start
Start of the Function Wizard – and use off the Search function
Collabora Online Function Wizard - argumentts
Function Wizard – Filling all arguments
Collabora Online Function Wizard - Structure
Function Wizard – investigate formula structure
Collabora Online Function Wizard - results
Function Wizard – Make use of the results


Use and test these new features

You noticed some glitches on the screenshots? We did too!
It’s work in progress and our developers work hard to get all right.
Regular updates will be released – so your feedback and of course patches are much appreciated.

Get & Test Snapshot

For more information

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