Collabora Online Lite Version

More choice for customers and clarity in market space

June 3, 2020 – Today Collabora Productivity released Collabora Online Lite, a version that brings more choice and clarity into the market space – this is in addition to Collabora’s flagship, Collabora Online, known for its rich collaboration, unmatched security, excellent features, and interoperability.

With the new Collabora Online Lite, customers are given more choice in addition to Collabora Online, with its high standards, is added a new Lite product that has a lower level of support, limited installation supported, no high availability, and which is less easy to deploy. It also comes with a different cost structure, with pricing based on connections instead of users, meaning that every browser-tab with an open document, is counted.

Collabora Online Lite allows customers to make an easier side by side comparison with other inexpensive products. Collabora Online Lite is also available as a license for a single server and without support for our native app versions running on mobile devices.

To further simplify pricing, Collabora Online Lite comes in various standard packages, offering up to a certain amount of simultaneous connections and updates for one year.

“We have a super-rich product, with a high availability, that has low dependencies (needs no extra database, etc.), is extremely scalable, has a friendly, easy to count, user-based licensing, and is easy to buy at a great price, ” says Michael Meeks, General Manager at Collabora Productivity “However – we love to create products and licensing models that our customers ask for; this cut-down Lite version should help customers make richer like-for-like comparisons.”

Updated pricing will be communicated to our partners, and available on our website shortly.

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