Collabora Office for Android & iOS version 4.2.3 released

New features to work with your DOCX and ODT text document as well as performance improvements and fixes

Version 4.2.3 of our popular mobile apps Collabora Office for Android and iOS has been released. This update includes improvements and fixes on performance and stability plus updated translations. You read more about these in our release notes. Version 4.2.3 also brings new handy features for when you work with DOCX, ODT or other text documents.

Tabstops handling on the ruler in text documents

In version 4.2.3 of our mobile app it is now possible to handle tabstops with a touch on the ruler. This function is available on tablets. The ruler is not shown on the small displays of phones.

Handling tabstops on the ruler in a text document on a tablet

Page setup panel on phones

Also in writer, the hamburger menu on phones now opens the page setup panel. You can set size, orientation and margins.

Page setup panel for text files on phones

Get Collabora Office

Collabora Office for Android and iOS enables editing of documents on the go and is developed with your privacy in mind. Learn more about it on the product page and download it for free from the App Store of from Google Play.

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