CODE 6.4.8 brings more drawing features and fixes

The latest version of the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) 6.4.8 adds more possibilities to drawing online, and also includes various performance and other improvements.


Drawing shapes and connectors

Draw, with shapes and basic connectors, introduced in the previous version, now has been improved. With CODE 6.4.8 you can connect shapes with a variety of connectors, at multiple glue points on the shapes. The connectors are found at the Home tab.


CODE 6.4.8: Improved Glue points making it easier to connect to images or shapes

More features and improvements

There’s much more in this new version, also work done by developers in the recent Collabora Hackweek! Mentioning..: comment popups are now allowing to paste text and newly added comments will by highlighted by default. Working in presentations, copying slides can now be done with Ctrl+drag and drop. The table handles in Writer have been improved, the NotebookBar is loading much faster, and various other performance wins.


Please check out the latest features – and give your feedback

CODE gives you the latest and greatest features in online collaboration earlier than our supported version Collabora Online. Of course, we would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your feedback on CODE in the community forum or report any possible issues on GitHub.


About CODE

CODE is the Collabora Online Development Edition. It contains the latest developments and is perfect for home users. It enables them to regain control of their own online documents and to host them themselves in a secure and private environment. For tech-enthusiasts, it is a low-threshold way to get involved and familiar with our online office solution. CODE will be improved continuously and our next supported and maintained Collabora Online product will be built from it. All of our code is Open Source, and a vibrant community in participating in growing Collabora Online. Would you like to be part of the story? Join the community!


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