ARM64 an officially supported platform for CODE

We now officially announce the availability of CODE for the ARM64 platform. Users can now benefit from the availability of the latest developments in document collaboration with a feature rich open-source application, offering great support for all major file formats. The availability for the ARM64 platform is possible thanks to the work for the recently announced Collabora Online for the Raspberry Pi.

The ARM64 version can be used with docker or the Nextcloud snap. Find the docker source here.

We also offer CODE packages, of course less convenient to use, and available for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS only. And of course there’s the releases and information on GitHub.

About CODE

CODE is the Collabora Online Development Edition. It contains the latest developments and is perfect for home users. It enables them to regain control of their own online documents and to host them themselves in a secure and private environment. For tech-enthusiasts, it is a low-threshold way to get involved and familiar with our online office solution. CODE will be improved continuously and our next supported and maintained Collabora Online product will be built from it. All of our code is Open Source, and a vibrant community in participating in growing Collabora Online. Would you like to be part of the story? Join the community!


Get CODE 6.4


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