EGroupware 17.1 with Collabora – Merger of classic groupware and file server with online office

On Wednesday, November 15th, our partner EGroupware GmbH provides the new version 17.1 of its groupware. This release enables collaborative editing of documents, the enterprise ready cloud document suite solution created by Collabora Productivity, without a client in an office suite, more variable customization of the appearance, an additional encryption option and many new functionalities in its sub-applications.

EGroupware version 17.1 adds a file server with Collabora Online Office to a classic groupware with an integrated CRM system. The complete package can be used as a German Cloud solution as well as in your own data center. In addition, the browser-based EGroupware does not require any installation of an Office suite on the client. You collect your data in the EGroupware, use templates with placeholders and insert the content into your documents. Further processing or saving as PDF takes place again directly in the online office. Users can share documents or folders with external partners and edit them directly with the integrated Collabora Online Office. All parties involved can create text documents, spreadsheets or presentations together.

Read the full press release at EGroupware website.

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