New Frontend and Diagrams in ownCloud 10.9 The latest version of ownCloud Server brings various performance improvements, including significantly speeding up
The ability to easily share data is at the very heart of personal and corporate productivity - it’s what helps
Powerful Office Productivity in Your Pocket Cambridge, April 13, 2022 – Today we are pleased to announce the availability of
The latest update of Collabora Online brings significant configuration improvements allowing users to dynamically connect multiple WOPI hosts with a
We’re continually contributing improvements to the LibreOffice code-base as a member of the community (Collabora Online Forum). Here are a
Collabora Online Available Through STRATO HiDrive Office Working in partnership with Collabora Productivity, STRATO has launched its collaborative office documents
Late in 2021, the Log4j software vulnerability hit the news. This was, and remains, a widespread security risk that impacted
The latest update of Collabora Online brings several improvements regarding accessibility and the user interface. Also, the rotation of images
Managing Change As humans we’re bad at change; we much prefer what we know and actively protect the status quo.
FOSDEM 2022 – The Talks and Slides from the Collabora Team Whether on-site in Brussels or as an online event