On Sept. 13 we were featured at FOSS Weekly where Michael Meeks presented Collabora's work to bring LibreOffice to the
We have updated our LibreOffice growth infographic for 2018 (previous versions: 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017), recollecting the most interesting
The Nextcloud Conference Collabora will be attending the Nextcloud conference – an annual conference that brings the global Nextcloud Contributor
Product vs. Professional services One of the great things about our product relationships with our customers and partners is that
This weekend you can find us in two different conferences, where our team members will conduct a talk. In Almeria,
Nowadays we have different ways of converting our documents, using different tools that are available online. One option is JODConverter:
When... On 7th to 8th April - this weekend- we will be in Hamburg, Germany to attend LibreOffice Hackfest. It's
  Over the past months, we have been able to make some resources available to look into the most urgent
It was a great FOSDEM again, with a lot of presentations, speakers, and participants. We met a lot of people
The Univention Summit will take place this week from 1st to 2nd February, at the international Jacobs University in Bremen,
FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of
Collabora will be attending CS3 - an event focused on non-traditional working storage: Cloud Storage Services for File Synchronization and
[row] [column lg="6" md="6" sm="6" xs="6" ] CODE 3.0 brings rich PC dialogs with a wealth of new office functionality
It's the time of the year for the LibOCon gathering! The 7th edition of LibOCon was held in Rome, Italy
We are looking forward to the LibreOffice Conference 2017, starting on October 11 in Rome, Italy! Just like at the