Collabora Productivity joins the Open Source Business Alliance

Together we are strong. The Open Source Business Alliance is committed to promoting open source software and open standards for a digitally sovereign society with a strong focus on the Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The goal is to establish open source as a standard in public procurement and in the promotion of research and business. To this end, the association with its approximately 160 member companies is available as a contact partner for media, enterprises and institutions. It carries out public relations work and advocates fair, competitive tendering practices.

Make Open Source Rock

Collabora is dedicated to open source software. Our mission statement is to “make open source rock”. The goals and convictions of the Open Source Business Alliance match ours of Collabora Productivity, so it was a very natural step for us to join the network, which already includes many companies that we rank among our partners. The OSB unites under its umbrella working groups on various key topics. We are looking forward to contributing our expertise and commitment in various of those.

On the occasion of Collabora Productivity joining the Open Source Business Alliance published an interview with Michael Meeks (in German language). He emphasizes the possibilities of Open Source in general, but especially the software solutions and services of Collabora Productivity for companies, institutions and organizations that value data autonomy, security and digital sovereignty.

Collabora Online enables European companies to store their data and documents locally on servers in Europe in compliance with GDPR (Michael Meeks)

Join the Alliance

The companies represented in the OSB Alliance have a profile page with their company description and the most important products and services. You can also find a description of the main activities of Collabora Productivity there. Are you interested in the activities of the OSB Alliance? The website offers an overview of events and technology job offers as well as a news section with news from the open source business world. Or would you like to become part of a strong alliance yourself? Good reasons for participation as well as the statutes of OSBA can also be found on the website.




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