Come see us at ownCloud conference!

We will attend the annual ownCloud conference in Nuremberg, Germany – from September 18th to September 21st.

When and where

The oCCon2018 is held at TH Nürnberg from September, 18th – 21st. The ownCloud Conference is the place to be for ownCloud administrators and developers. Participants are joining the four days of the conference, hacking, learning and trying out new ideas on the ownCloud platform. It will have interactive workshops, talks on interesting use cases and discussions on the future of the platform.

Check out the agenda

On September 19, Michael Meeks will have a presentation about “Real-time document collaboration”. He will explain how Collabora Online integrates into ownCloud to create a powerful, secure, scalable, real-time document editing experience. Also, he will mention the improvement in latency and overall functionality. If you are interested to hear about the exciting things we are working on, how to configure and deploy Collabora Online on your ownCloud server, how you can get an SLA from Collabora delivered and supported in partnership with ownCloud – then don’t miss out our talk at 11.30 am, at the Keynote Room BB007.

Say hi to us!

Do you have any questions, feedback or you just want to say hi? Let’s meet in Nuremberg – drop us an email at and we would be very happy to meet you there.

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