LibreOffice Vanilla 5.2 available directly from the Mac App Store

LibreOffice 5.2

LibreOffice Vanilla

Just before the LibreOffice Conference 2016 in Brno, LibreOffice Vanilla for the Mac has been released. This is the most recent release of the LibreOffice productivity suite from The Document Foundation on OS X, and includes many improvements and bug fixes. Improvement include a new single toolbar mode (which is optional), new Calc spreadsheet functions, support for signature descriptions, and more. Please check the complete Release Notes page on the website of The Document Foundation.

Collabora Office for the Mac

While LibreOffice Vanilla is recommended for early adopters who want to test the latest features, Collabora Productivity also offers the enterprise-ready version LibreOffice Vanilla: Collabora Office for the Mac. This is the best option for users seeking professional stability and support options and combines Collabora’s latest compatibility and document integrity features with a host of improvements from the LibreOffice community.

LibreOffice Vanilla 5.2 and Collabora Office 5.1 are now available directly from Apple’s Mac App Store.



LibreOffice Vanilla 5.2

  • Community edition
  • Maintained for 6 months
  • For early adopters

Get if for free at the Mac App store
or download for free from



Collabora Office 5.1

  • Enterprise-ready LibreOffice
  • Maintained for 3 years
  • For users seeking professional stability and support options

Get it for 9.99 at the Mac App Store *
* This funds Collabora’s own ongoing improvement of LibreOffice for Mac.


One thought to “LibreOffice Vanilla 5.2 available directly from the Mac App Store”

  1. Thank you for giving us a pre-configured Mac OS version of LibreOffice! I wonder, however, why your version of LibreOffice doesn’t support opening documents from Google Drive, which is something the classic version of LibreOffice supports. I personally chose LibreOffice because of this advanced functionality, but with LibreOffice Vanilla I’m left out in the cold! Are you planning to introduce this functionality in the future? When are you planning to distribute 5.3?

    Thanks a lot for your work. Take care!


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