LibreOffice Conference 2017 – Talks from Collabora

We are looking forward to the LibreOffice Conference 2017, starting on October 11 in Rome, Italy! Just like at the previous LibreOffice conferences, there will be talks from people that work at Collabora Productivity, talking about LibreOffice desktop and Online development, new features, security, testing, use cases and a lot more!

You can find more detailed info on the talks from Collabora, ordered by date and time, below:

Filing better interoperability bugs – from users to development

An essential aspect of LibreOffice is that it can work with documents coming from other office suites. During that, however, we are bound to run into interoperability issues. This talk aims to give techniques that can be used by end users and QA people alike to take a closer look at these issues and process the documents causing bugs, without much information about the formats (eg. to create minimal examples), to provide more relevant details to developers in the bug reports.

Speaker: Aron Budea
Room: Sala della Commissioni
Day: Wednesday, October 11
Start: 16:00
End: 16:30

LibreOffice Code Overview

The LibreOffice code-base is huge. Finding the relevant source code for your bug or feature can be challenging initially. The talk will walk though a number of key modules in our codebase and will give a brief summary on them. Also code documentation techniques used in our code (doxygen, per-module README files) will be presented as well. Come and see how to get from the user interface to the relevant source code, what still lacks documentation and how you can help.

Speaker: Miklos Vajna
Room: Sala della piccola Protomoteca
Day: Wednesday, October 11
Start: 16:30
End: 17:00

Quantum computing with VBA

VBA, the programming language of Excel and other Microsoft Office programs, is also interpreted by LibreOffice with more or less success. Among others, the company D-Wave, the world’s first quantum computing company, decided to use LibreOffice for running their VBA script, using its VBA support. The talk will walk through the improvements made on LibreOffice in order to be able to run the above mentioned macro and improve the efficiency of interpreting vba scripts.

Speaker: Tamas Bunth
Room: Sala della piccola Protomoteca
Day: Wednesday, October 11
Start: 18:30
End: 18:30