Collabora at FOSDEM 2017


It’s time again for another FOSDEM, the famous two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software, held in Brussels, Belgium. As usual, Collabora Productivity will be there, and this edition we’ll give 3 very interesting talks in the Open Document Editors devroom for anyone interested in LibreOffice on the Desktop or Online.

LibreOffice Online Debugging

Debugging in browser, logging at server side, analyzing log files, tracing option, that dumps command and notifications for replay, etc.

Day: Saturday, February 4
Start: 12:10
End: 12:30

Exploiting Concurrency

How I stopped worrying and started threading …
We now have hardware with increasing numbers of threads and functional blocks left & right. Come and hear how we plan to use that for maximum effect to make LibreOffice rock – things we have already done, things we are working on doing, and how you can get involved to encourage your PC to use more of its power to speed your LibreOffice up.

Day: Saturday, February 4
Start: 14:50
End: 15:10

Integrating LibreOffice Online via WOPI

Come and hear how you can integrate LibreOffice Online into your webservice!

Day: Saturday, February 4
Start: 15:10
End: 15:30

It’s free to attend FOSDEM, and it’s a great place to meet people involved in LibreOffice. So, save the date and visit one of our talks!

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