CODE updates

code-logoJust last month we announced interesting Collabora Online Development Edition updates and now we already have a new set of amazing features ready for you.

This update includes some very useful UI improvements and bugfixes.

UI improvements

  • We’ve improved the shared editing experience. Now you can see who is viewing the document, simply by selecting the user button in the status bar.
  • The user names are added to the comments, showing the correct comment authorship.
  • We’ve added new context menus: Update table of contents and Delete table of
    contents in Writer
  • And you can now easily insert footnotes, endnotes, page breaks and column breaks, using the new option in the Writer menu.


Bug fixes

The main bugfixes in this update are:

  • Handle WOPI urls with spaces
  • AutoSum works in Calc now
  • Handle disk full situations more gracefully

How to update

Simply update with:

docker pull collabora/code


Change in URL scheme

If you use Apache2 reverse proxy, as described on this page, you need use a new rule for main websocket:

# Main websocket
ProxyPassMatch   "/lool/(.*)/ws$"      wss://$1/ws

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