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code-logoDevelopment is going rapidly and we just updated the Collabora Online Development Edition. The most interesting new features are resizeable rows and columns by mouse in Calc and SSL termination support for reverse proxies. Also, we are making great progress on full collaborative editing!

Resizeable rows and columns by mouse in Calc

This animation explains this new feature perfectly:


SSL termination support for reverse proxies

The SSL termination option in the config file enables integration of CODE with SSL termination proxies, which handle incoming SSL connections, decrypt the SSL and pass on the unencrypted request to the server.

Full Collaborative Editing preview

We are making great progress here. During the LibreOffice conference 2016 the first live demo of our current development was shown to the public. This feature has not been published yet in CODE – it is still in beta -, but you can work collaboratively with shared editing.

Check out the video of the preview of shared editing!

3 thoughts to “CODE updates”

  1. I got this error with today update: [ client_req_hdl ] FileServerRequestHandler: File not found: /usr/share/loolwsd//loleaflet/1.8.2/loleaflet.html

  2. I downloaded the CODE docker image, I do not want to use it with owncloud or nextCloud is it possible?

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