CODE updates

code-logoToday we’ve updated the Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE), including a list of nice improvements and many bugfixes. Like in the update two weeks ago there, there are several ownCloud plugin updates, including a revision history sidebar.

General updates

  • The header menu now includes a “Help” -> “About” window, where you can see version information. The link to the keyboard shortcuts information popup is also in the header menu now (under “Help” -> “Keyboard shortcuts”).
  • Refactoring of loolwsd configuration options (not user visible)
  • Translations have been updated. If you want to help out with translating, head out to the “LibreOffice Online” translation page.


ownCloud plugin updates

  • You can now open the revision history sidebar (“File” – “See revision history”). The sidebar with revisions allows you to view previous saved versions.
  • updated translations
  • Misc bugfixes and code cleanups


How to update

Your VM updates automatically. Didn’t download CODE yet? Head out to the CODE page and get your own VM today!

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