CODE updates

code-logoWe’ve have released another Collabora Online Development Edition update. We also want to share some info about our recent release with Pydio, a popular Source file share and sync solution.


This latest update includes the following improvements:

  • With shared editing viewers can now view other parts of the document, while the editor is typing. They don’t automatically follow the editor’s cursor any more. Viewers can simply use the ‘users’ status bar popup to quickly jump to where the editor is working on the document.
  • Better handling of Writer and Calc comments
  • More descriptive error messages
  • Better logging
  • Stability fixes

How to update

Simply update with:

docker pull collabora/code



pydio logoYesterday we announced the news that Pydio has integrated LibreOffice Online functionality in their latest release, Pydio 7.

Home users can set up Pydio with CODE following the instructions provided by Pydio. For enterprise users, Pydio offers Collabora Online, the commercially supported version with Long  Term Support, signed security updates and a SLA. More info about Pydio and Collabora Online.

One thought to “CODE updates”

  1. This recent update now produces 13 defunct processes, before the update it was only 2. How to resolve this issue? Or is this a known issue and is being ignored?

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