Collabora Online and Sunjun

logo_sunjunSunjun Information Service Company is founded in 2014, by a group of free and open source software enthusiasts. These people have been involved into Software Liberation Movement, which covers computer education, FOSS applying in education, removing the digital barrier, open standards and Open Document Format in Taiwan for nearly 20 years. They truly believe in the value of open — open source, open standards, open data and open mind.

The current CEO of Sunjun, Franklin Weng, is also the current president of Software Liberty Association Taiwan. He is active in many local and international FOSS communities like KDE, LibreOffice, ezgo, and so on. He is ambitious for proving the business value of FOSS, and running the company with the concept of social enterprise — not only making money, but also feeding back to FOSS community, to form a complete ecosystem in Taiwan.

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