Collabora Office 6.0 Release Notes

Collabora Office 6.0 release is based on upstream LibreOffice 6.0 source code, thus it contains all fixes from the upstream libreoffice-6-0 branch, plus more fixes and backported stable features from higher releases. (Go here for general info and a demo.)


Released on 2021-01-06

  • issues related to PDF signature verification


Released on 2020-09-04
Upgraded 3rd party libraries (security fixes)

  • curl: upgrade to release 7.71.0
  • nss: upgrade to release 3.55.0
  • mariadb: upgrade to release 3.1.8
  • xmlsecurity: detect unsigned incremental update between signatures


Released on 2020-05-20
Security fix

  • A fix for CVE-2020-12801 Crash-recovered Microsoft Office encrypted documents defaulted
    to not to using encryption on next save.
    In affected versions, a crash could lead to a user accidentally saving a Microsoft Office file format
    document unencrypted, while believing it to be encrypted.


Released on 2020-01-07

Most important fixes

  • COLEAT: Added and implemented ooo.vba.word.XDocument.Close() method
  • XLSX import: Fixed tdf#128894 – Reference incorrectly updated when deleting rows in XLSX
  • tdf#129176: clear “TablePosition” grab bag when unfloating table
  • tdf#128449: Set graphic when setting background in Impress
  • PDF export: tdf#120343 – do not try to open PDF before the properties have been edited and the PDF is created


Released on 2019-10-23

New features

  • Allow spaces in AutoText suggestions

Most important fixes


Released on 2019-08-28

New features

  • Automatic Redaction – read the details of this powerful feature in this article.
  • Text based date field in Writer, compatible with Microsoft Office date content control.
    This adds to the recently considerably improved working with forms from Microsoft Word.

Most important fixes

  • Opening files from SharePoint in read-only mode (Windows 32-bit only)
  • Display user name instead of “Unknown user” when a locked file is opened from SharePoint
  • Do not allow users to add more than 25 entries to a drop-down form field (MS Word limitation)
  • mysqlc: Fix query of cursor position in result set
  • mysqlc: Support reading blob as string. Test setting and querying the following data types: TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, LONGTEXT
  • nss: upgrade to release 3.45, fixes CVE-2019-11729 CVE-2019-11719 CVE-2019-11727, and the less important CVE-2018-12384 and CVE-2018-12404 from intermediate releases
  • CVE-2019-9850, CVE-2019-9851 and CVE-2019-9852
  • Other stability fixes


Released on 2019-07-02

Most important fixes


Released on 2019-06-07

Most important fixes

    • Redaction
      • Respect page margins of the source doc during redaction
      • Standardize content placement for redaction (tdf#125135)
    • Interoperable Pivot tables
      • Export longText attribute for sharedItems element (tdf#125046)
      • Properly round fractions of seconds (tdf#125055)
      • Write dataField attribute for fields that also appear in Data (tdf#125086)
    • Interoperable conditional formatting in spreadsheets
      • Import and export xlsx x14:cfRule element
    • SharePoint 2010 integration
      • WebDAV: Don’t unlock the file during saving of a document
      • The SharePoint integration library has been extended to provide the same read-only/edit choice dialog that MS Office’s SharePoint integration has. This library requires the component Optional Components – ActiveX Control to be selected at install-time.
    • MySQL Connector
      • Add support for mysql type INT24
    • Mail Merge
    • Other interoperability fixes
    • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2019-04-29

Most important fixes

    • Redaction
      • Handle other page sizes than A4
      • Add direct PDF export to Redaction toolbar
      • Make white rectangles the default to save toner
      • Protect page position during redaction
      • Enable redaction for Impress
    • Interoperable Pivot tables
      • Fixed a case when pivot tables exported by LibreOffice were considered broken and discarded by Excel.
      • Worked around a standard non-compliance of Excel 2016, which introduced a requirement directly contradicting MS OOXML standard.
      • Introduced saving pivot table group fields to XLSX – an important feature missing up tho that moment, without which there was no grouping by e.g. years/months in pivot tables resulting from export.
      • Fixed order of items in group fields, without which selecting October in an exported pivot table filter could give November’s results in Excel.
      • Introduced saving number formats of data fields to XLSX, without which results like $12 345 could become plain 12345 after pivot table refresh in Excel.
      • Introduced round-tripping of pivot table style as defined in original XLSX, so that the pivot table would have original look in Excel (may need refresh though) after being edited in Calc.
      • Fixed a problem, when data field name arrived empty in Excel.
      • Allowed LibreOffice to import data field names as defined in Excel, thus preserving the names when round-tripping XLSX pivot tables.
      • Fixed a crash in Excel caused by an exported empty data field under colFields tag.
      • Fixed field label normalization in pivot cache, which should be case-insensitive for Excel.
    • macOS specific fixes
      • tdf#82009 – Fixed a painting problem of TreeList widget
      • tdf#122172 – The OOoSpotlightImporter shouldn’t cause mdworker to crash
      • tdf#124032 – Fixed drawing of background of Edit control
      • tdf#101854 – Support faux bold of fonts that do not have bold version
    • A few backported Calc fixes
      • tdf#119623 – Deleting shared formula group top cell does not re-establish listeners for the remaining (group) formula cell(s).
      • tdf#121002 – Cells not recalculated after moving data within ranges pointed to by a shared formula group.
      • tdf#120013 – After Cut&Paste of an overlapping data range, cells of a shared formula group reference run are not recalculated.
      • tdf#123714 – Moving (Cut&Paste, Drag&Drop) a column range within the same row into a shared formula group’s reference may not recalculate the first affected formula cell.
      • tdf#123736 – Changing a reference in a formula cell of a shared formula group may not rebuild all dependencies of the then split group.
    • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2019-04-09

New features

      • Interoperable text based form fields and a special Forms menu that helps using them.
      • Manual Redaction Toolbar
      • Write Microsoft Office compatible lock files

Most important fixes

      • AutoText: 20x import speedup from DOCX
      • AutoText: fix unexpected page break on insert at end of document
      • Security fixes of 3rd party libraries
        • libjpeg-turbo: upgrade to release 1.5.3q
        • mDNSResponder: upgrade to release 878.200.35
        • openssl: upgrade to release 1.0.2r


Released on 2019-02-21

Most important fixes

      • Export number format of chart label to OOXML (tdf#122031)
      • MySQL Connector fixes (e.g. tdf#122616)
      • Don’t mis-detect .doc files as .dot (tdf#110987)
      • Security fixes of 3rd party libraries: curl


Released on 2019-01-19

New feature:

      • Un-float Table button. Writer imports Word’s floating tables into TextFrames. However a TextFrame cannot span across multiple pages. The button turns a table-in-TextFrame into a normal table at the anchor point of the TextFrame.

        Un-float Table button in Writer
        Un-float Table button in Writer

Most important fixes

      • Several MySQL Connector fixes
      • Various OOXML import/export fixes
      • Mail Merge fixes
      • Security fixes of 3rd party libraries: curl, libxml2, libxslt, lcms2, poppler, python3


Released on 2018-10-22

Most important fixes

      • All recent fixes from the upstream libreoffice-6-0 branch
      • Multiple small OOXML and binary DOC interoperability fixes
      • Keep PyUNO script processing below base URI (fixes CVE-2018-16858)
      • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2018-10-02

Most important fixes

      • All recent fixes from the upstream libreoffice-6-0 branch
      • Hidden shapes in XLS(X) files are not printed any more
      • Multiple small OOXML interoperability fixes
      • Fixes in the new MySQL/MariaDB database connector
      • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2018-08-31

New features (developed by Collabora)

      • New, built-in MySQL/MariaDB database connector, which replaces the MySQL connector extension
      • Online help hosted at
      • Font effect “transformation” support (improves interoperability with MS Office)

Most important fixes

      • All recent fixes from the upstream libreoffice-6-0 branch
      • Multiple small OOXML interoperability fixes
      • Upgraded internal NSS library to version 3.38 (fixes CVE-2018-0495 and “the ASN.1 code”).
      • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2018-07-11

New features (developed by Collabora)

      • Implemented VBA FormatNumber function (tdf#118218)
      • Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) support and other proxy related fixes (tdf#114227)

Most important fixes

      • All recent fixes from the upstream libreoffice-6-0 branch
      • Mail Merge related fixes (tdf#116543, tdf#117817)
      • Improved WordBasic support [ExistingBookmark()]
      • Impress fix (tdf#102195)
      • Calc fixes (especially a performance fix: tdf#118441)
      • Handle direct formatting for numbering in DOC file format (tdf#117923)
      • New Collabora Office app logo


Released on 2018-06-13
See the release announcement here: Collabora Office 6.0 – The Migrator’s Choice.