Collabora Office 5.3 Release Notes

Collabora Office 5.3 release is based on upstream LibreOffice 5.3 source code, thus it contains all fixes from the upstream libreoffice-5-3 branch, plus more fixes and backported stable features from higher releases.


Released on 2019-10-23

Most important fixes


Released on 2019-08-28

Most important fixes

  • nss: upgrade to release 3.45, fixes CVE-2019-11729 CVE-2019-11719 CVE-2019-11727, and the less important CVE-2018-12384 and CVE-2018-12404 from intermediate releases
  • CVE-2019-9850, CVE-2019-9851 and CVE-2019-9852
  • Other stability fixes


Released on 2019-06-21

Most important fixes


Released on 2019-04-11

Security fixes of 3rd party libraries

  • openssl: upgrade to release 1.0.2r


Released on 2019-02-26

Security fixes of 3rd party libraries

  • curl: upgrade to release 7.64.0
  • cairo: upgrade to release 1.16.0
  • libjpeg-turbo: upgrade to release 1.5.3
  • mDNSResponder: upgrade to release 878.200.35


Released on 2019-02-06

Security fixes of 3rd party libraries

  • libxslt: upgrade to release 1.1.33
  • libxml2: upgrade to release 2.9.9
  • lcms2: upgrade to release 2.9
  • python3: add patch bpo-17239: Disable external entities in SAX parser
  • curl: upgrade to release 7.63.0


Released on 2018-10-22

Most important fixes


Released on 2018-09-21

Most important fixes

  • Introduce tentative directional embedding import support (tdf#119143)
  • XLS/XLSX export: workaround for style and validation loss of cells of blank rows. (tdf#41425)
  • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2018-08-10

Most important fixes


Released on 2018-07-03

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • Implemented VBA FormatNumber function (tdf#118218)
  • Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) support and other proxy related fixes (tdf#114227)

Most important fixes


Released on 2018-05-25

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • Group Policy / ADMX support of getting and locking down of user data from Active Directory with a new configuration backend, that does not need LDAP credentials. See the details in this blog post.
  • Hide empty Database fields’ paragraphs. With this change, Database fields that expand to empty values behave as if they are “Hidden Paragraph” fields. (tdf#35798)
  • Show Mail Merge toolbar for documents with Mail Merge fields (tdf#115386)

Most important fixes

  • CVE-2018-10583 Information disclosure via SMB link embedded in ODF documentAn ODF document with a linked image, which is on a Samba share, will cause Collabora Office to automatically initiate a Samba connection to retrieve the image. This is analogous to how opening HTML documents which contain links to images on remote web sites are automatically fetched by web browsers.

    Since Collabora Office 5.3-49, end users or administrators can disable this functionality to automatically fetch such linked images via “Tools->Options->Security->Options->Block any links from documents not among the trusted locations”

  • Normalize key times during PPT import if needed (tdf#116899)
  • DOCX import: fix rel size of shape after bitmap (tdf#116976)
  • Other security and stability fixes

5.3-48 (Windows only)

Released on 2018-04-27

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • Group Policy / ADMX support of getting and locking down of user data from Active Directory. See the details in this blog post.

Most important fixes

  • Fixed a regression in RTF import code. (tdf#117246)


Released on 2018-04-23

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • In Calc now it is possible to select a Custom validation in the validation dialog. This type of validation lets the user define a formula, and the cell content is valid when the formula is evaluated to true, and invalid when it is evaluated to false. The custom validation is correctly saved and restored for ODS documents, and is correctly imported and exported to XLSX documents.
  • Now it is possible for sysadmins to disable individual file format filters. It makes sense to disable a filter, as a temporary security measure, when there is a 0-day vulnerability in it. The feature is also supported by Collabora’s ADMX template.
  • Now it is possible to customize value highlight colors of spreadsheets on Tools – Options – Application Colors panel, which makes sense when the default colors are indistinguishable by a color blind person, for example.

Most important fixes

  • Fix of CVE-2018-10119 and CVE-2018-10120
  • Various other stability fixes
  • Document format interoperability fixes, e.g. PPTX export improvements and DOCX import improvements


Released on 2018-02-08

Most important fixes

  • Follow-on improvements reducing similar risks like CVE-2018-1055
  • tdf#115132: Don’t move out from current cell with Backspace/Delete key in Writer tables


Released on 2018-02-07

Most important fixes

  • CVE-2018-1055 libreoffice: Remote arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability via WEBSERVICE formula
  • Interoperability fixes related to inserted watermarks in text documents
  • Better support of OOXML chart colors
  • Fixed sidebar UI corruption, when user switched from read-only mode to edit mode in Impress
  • DOCX table layout improvements
  • Fixed mail merge field export to DOC and DOCX formats
  • AutoFormat style application does not change empty, non-numeric table cell content to 0 in Writer
  • Always open modal dialogs in the foreground (users thought that Collabora Office froze, which was not the case)
  • macOS specific fixes:
    • tdf#69254: Improved support of font weights
    • tdf#109062: Restored scrolling functionality with touchpad or scrollwheel
    • tdf#112153: Set button theme properly on High Sierra
    • tdf#114985: Prevent using automatic window tabbing on High Sierra
  • Translations of backported features (from libreoffice-6-0)


Released on 2017-12-01

Most important fixes

  • Various PPTX export fixes
  • Fixed the most annoying page orientation issue of printing on macOS
  • XLSX export no longer exports duplicated range names
  • DOC/DOCX export handles MERGEFIELD
  • Avoid deadlock between X11 clipboard and the lock dialog
  • Multiple security and stability fixes


Released on 2017-11-06

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • Support of oor:external values in Windows Registry configuration layer (which is a pre-requisite of supporting user name lock-down from Active Directory)

Most important fixes

  • Interoperability fixes related to Excel Pivot tables
  • Watermark auto-size preserved
  • Fix of rendering EMF+ image with embedded metafile by restricting cropping to bitmap type
  • Fix of a crash when running a certain macro from BASIC editor


Released on 2017-10-03

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • Writer document as mail merge data source
  • Temporary connections created during mail merge are no longer stored
  • Fixed handling of embedded DOC/DOCX/XLS/XLSX documents in DOC/DOCX documents
  • Import/export of ActiveX controls from/to OOXML format
  • Implemented PPTM (PPTX with macros) export, and round-trip of the VBA streams
  • Embedded videos are now exported to PPTX
  • Add --script-cat parameter to allow dumping VBA and StarBasic macros from files to the console

Most important fixes

  • Interoperability fixes related to Excel Pivot tables
  • Watermark interoperability fixes
  • PPTX export filter fixes
  • All upstream fixes from LibreOffice 5.3.7


Released on 2017-06-29

New features (developed by Collabora)

  • Loading of AutoText from OOXML document format (see blog post)
  • Insert Watermark dialog, and interoperable watermark support (see blog post)
  • Support of additional sheet protection options in Calc
  • Greatly improve the export of bullets & numbering from Writer documents to plain text
  • Advertise app URL capabilities, that is required to be able to use handlers when invoked from Office Web Apps (on Win7+)

Most important fixes

  • Improved import of multi-page floating tables from Word documents
  • Separate filter for DOCM format, in order to open exported DOCM files in Word flawlessly
  • Improved workflow for SharePoint list export feature (use system credentials, if possible; register text/x-ms-iqy type)
  • Use Calibri font for DOCX import by default
  • Fixes related to Pivot table export to XLSX format
  • All upstream fixes from LibreOffice 5.3.4


Released on 2017-04-21

Please read the announcement: Collabora Office 5.3 Released