Collabora Office 5.0 Release Notes

Collabora Office 5.0 release is based on upstream LibreOffice 5.0 source code, thus it contains all fixes from the upstream libreoffice-5-0 branch, plus more fixes and backported stable features from higher releases.


Released on 2018-10-22

Most important fixes

  • Keep PyUNO script processing below base URI


Released on 2018-05-25

Most important fixes

  • CVE-2018-10583 Information disclosure via SMB link embedded in ODF document

    An ODF document with a linked image, which is on a Samba share, will cause Collabora Office to automatically initiate a Samba connection to retrieve the image. This is analogous to how opening HTML documents which contain links to images on remote web sites are automatically fetched by web browsers.

    Since Collabora Office 5.3-49, end users or administrators can disable this functionality to automatically fetch such linked images via “Tools->Options->Security->Options->Block any links from documents not among the trusted locations”

  • Other security and stability fixes


Released on 2018-04-24

Most important fixes


Released on 2018-02-09

Most important fixes

  • CVE-2018-1055 libreoffice: Remote arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability via WEBSERVICE formula
  • Follow-on improvements reducing similar risks like CVE-2018-1055


Released on 2017-04-24

Most important fixes


Released on 2017-03-22

Most important fixes


Released on 2016-07-01

Most important fixes

  • Fix for CVE-2016-4324 Dereference of invalid STL iterator on processing RTF file
  • Multiple fixes of SVG export of presentations
  • Backported bugfixes: tdf#92157, tdf#95775


Released on 2016-05-06

Most important fixes


Released on 2016-04-11

Most important fixes

  • Italian translation of Remote File Open/Save dialog
  • Fixed entering special characters with Ctrl+Alt+dead key in Writer (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+` and e -> è)
  • Various other fixes from upstream


Released on 2016-03-04

Distinctive features

(compared to upstream LibreOffice 5.0 by The Document Foundation)

  • Remote file open/save dialogue
  • Collabora branding
  • We do not bundle Liberation fonts on Windows, because they reportedly cause BSOD on Windows 7 SP1 (tdf#62764)
  • We bundle Convert Text To Number and Numbertext extensions.
  • Online update is disabled
  • Enabled creation of MSP patches on Windows