COOL Days meetup in Berlin – community team building & partner day (October 3, 4 & 5)


We are glad to announce that at Collabora Productivity we are having our next meetup for 2022 with some special events that we have prepared for our partners and customers, on October 3, October 4 and October 5 in Berlin, Germany.

Come hear about the latest work in Collabora Online and Office, give your input to help develop our roadmap, meet the engineers and see how you can become part of the project while having a fun time with the Collabora team!

We have prepared three days with activities in Berlin, Germany and you just need to book your flight and join us. We will meet on October 3, make sure that you arrive in time for an early start.

Collabora community building Day – October 3 (early start)

A full day packed with activities will be waiting for you in Berlin, Germany, and you just need to book your flight and join us. We will meet on October 3, early morning.

We will have a great team building activity (TBD) in this amazing city. More information soon, previous installations have involved team paddle-boarding, airsoft, climbing, snorkelling – along with a less energetic / softer option: what will we come up with this time?

We will have lunch together, enjoying traditional German food.

Collabora Partner Day – October 4

On October 4 we will have our Partner Day – there will be a short presentation giving you more information on what Collabora is doing and where we are heading, we will talk about roadmap next steps, meet the engineers, and more.

If you’re not a partner – that’s fine we will be meeting a the bUm for collective hacking and discussion.

COOL Days “Technical day” – October 5

On October 5 we will have our Technical Day – focused on providing the latest updates about our development, and we will have a whole round of lightning talks from our technical team and community. Come and listen to the latest from our top engineers and contributors about the all the most important technical developments and challenges around Collabora Online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, travel details, and more. You can send an email to – please let us know you are coming, so we can size venues and provisions. Please do consider giving a ~five-minute lightning talk and send us an E-mail with Talk: in the subject line.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Take advantage of style and grammar checking of your texts in Collabora Online

Writing grammatically correct and stylistically beautiful texts in the browser has now become much more convenient. LanguageTool, known to desktop users of Collabora Office and LibreOffice as a powerful grammar checker extension, is now also available for Collabora Online. In this article you can find out how to use it for your online documents.

About LanguageTool

LanguageTool’s mission is to unleash the professional writing skills in every user. It is an open-source project based on AI-technology that analyses the style, tonality, and typography of text and instantly generates context-aware suggestions. The software supports spell- and grammar checking for 30 languages and is constantly being enhanced by an international team of linguistic professionals and machine learning experts. Besides the plug-ins for desktop office suits, it offers add-ons for all major browsers.


Get LanguageTool


Some Preliminary Comments

Many users of LanguageTool’s browser add-ons may already be familiar with how LanguageTool works. Once installed, it automatically highlights errors in composed online forms and text fields in different colours. However, the documents we edit in Collabora Online are not text in the true sense of the word, as the document never leaves its location on the server. Users only see image renderings of the document during editing. For this reason, a server-side setting must be made to activate LanguageTool. For more information, please consult the technical documentation on LanguageTool. Additionally, a paid premium account with LanguageTool offers better checking results and a larger selection of alternative formulations.

Using LanguageTool in Collabora Online

Through the integration of LanguageTool, different types of errors in text are now highlighted in different colours within Collabora Online. Spelling errors continue being indicated by a red underlining. Grammatical errors are indicated by an orange underline, while stylistic errors are underlined in blue. If you mark the highlighted error, you can display alternative formulations by right-clicking and selecting them through the context menu. LanguageTool’s grammar correction works in all Collabora Online modules, i.e., not only in text documents but also in spreadsheets, presentations, or Draw designs.

Step-by-step Procedure

  1. Write your text in Collabora Online
  2. LanguageTool automatically detects and underlines mistakes in your text
  3. Right-click the underlined segment to open the context menu with LanguageTool suggestions
  4. Choose the prefered suggestion from the context menu

Examples of Grammar- and Style Checking with LanguageTool

Here are just a few examples of style and grammar mistakes that LanguageTool can detect.

  1. Terms spelled with a hyphen
  2. Wrong use of nouns and pronouns
  3. Start of sentences in lower case
  4. Typographical Mistakes (missing or needless commas, typographical ellipsis character, unpaired parentheses)
  5. (Presumably) Incorrect dates and weekday (Weekday and date mismatch, dates in the future)
  6. Successive beginning of sentences with the same word
  7. Stylistic redundancies (e.g., 6 PM in the afternoon)
Unpaired Symbol message from LanguageTool in Collabora Online
Successive beginning of sentences with the same word detected by Language Tool in Collabora Online



Afterword and Thank You

As mentioned above, to make use of this feature, you have to enable this inside Collabora Online’s configuration file. Depending on whether you are using a free or a premium account, both the quality and amount of the suggestions may vary. We would like to express our gratitude to Nicolas Christener and his wonderful team at Adfinis for making this great feature a reality.

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